The all-in-one solution for management of private education


MyStudyGenius is an administration platform for small to medium-sized private schools.
Automate internal processes of your institution and have more time for the essential tasks

Reach more potential students and future tutors.

Identify repetitive tasks, automate them and save time.

Reduce the risk of mistakes in management processes.

Create performance indicators to better understand your school.

How it works

Organise courses, match tutors with students and control the usage of your rooms
With MyStudyGenius you can organize the courses offered at your school and centralise the contact information of all students and tutors in your institution. You can also use the platform to match students and tutors according to their knowledge or personal interests
Send invoices to your students and organize payments for tutors
With an intuitive system, MyStudyGenius display the transactions related to classes. Use the platform to control how a student must be charged and how much a tutor must be credited. 
Use a desktop or mobile device and allow all staff members to work simultaneously
Your team will be able to work simultaneously from any electronic device with an internet connection. And don't worry about data security, all your information will be safely stored in German servers.

The all-in-one solution for the private education

MyStudyGenius is a management platform that combines the most relevant tools for school managers to take full control of daily activities.

Course Planner

Set course offers, frequency and match tutors with students

Contact Manager

Centralize contact information of students, tutors and prospects

Smart Calendar

Take attendance and manage multiple work schedules

Simple Invoicing

Prepare your invoices with the data created on the platform.

Room Manager

Manage the usage of the classrooms and enhance your productivity.

Multiple Users

Create accounts with different permissions for your employees.

Cross Platform

Choose where to work, using a desk computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

Data Security

Your data is encrypted in our database, stored on German servers.

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After a period of tests, MyStudyGenius is planned to be launched in Summer 2019.
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