Goodbye, paperwork.


Automate admin, save time and make better decisions.
Manage courses, contacts and finances all from one smart, simple-to-use app, tailored specifically for small to medium-sized schools.

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Plan and manage courses from one convenient place
Match tutors to courses and courses to students according to knowledge and interests, and set prices, frequency and payment cycles.
At a glance, view all bookings and classes, and access multiple calendars at once.
Manage course allocations with a smart calendar that syncs with your course schedule and easily adjust it to increase productivity.
Store important information in one secure place
Keep all your core management processes and contacts, including students, tutors, parents and prospective customers, in one place – encrypted and hosted securely on servers in Germany in accordance with GDPR regulations. You decide who has access to information.
Let our software handle tedious admin tasks
Streamline traditionally time-consuming administration, such as bookings and invoice generation, by automating repetitive tasks, saving time and resources.
Receive bookings, even outside of work hours, and easily manage customers.
Work smarter and make better decisions
With just a few clicks or swipes, create reports analysing attendance and course popularity, as well as many other data points to improve your school’s productivity.
Set your own performance indicators to better understand your school and work smarter, not harder.
Easily check transactions, account balances and run finance reports.
Save hours of time
Reduce mistakes
Avoid duplication
Guarantee data security
Streamline processes
Gain insights
Save paperwork costs
Work from any device

How it works

MyStudyGenius works via an online app for desktop and mobile devices so you can choose where you want to work, whether that’s via an office laptop or via a tablet on the commute to work. Its state-of-the-art framework is designed by user experience experts to be simple to use and intuitive and includes an overview of daily activities and real-time business analysis.
It's easy to get started:

Set up your account

- Create and grant log-ins for all your staff who would benefit (there’s no limit, you can create as many log-ins as you like!)
- Modify access to certain types of information, depending on the employee
- Customise your app, selecting extra modules and only paying for the additional modules your school needs
- Input your data to the app, such as contacts, current and upcoming courses

Get going!

- Use it day-to-day to update attendance, planned leave / holidays and missed classes
- Check the calendar to view daily classes and planned activities, and add new events
- Create new classes and allocate students and teachers
- Cancel, modify and rearrange existing classes


- Run reports selecting important data points such as attendance rates and course registration numbers
- View and update finance details for students and tutors
- Evaluate the KPIs month-to-month and, ultimately, make better decisions based on real data

Managing your school has never been easier

"The interface is clean and intuitive. It’s a great solution for our daily challenges”
Förde Campus GmbH in Kiel, Germany

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By submitting this form, you consent to the processing of the data transmitted in accordance with our  Privacy Policy  
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