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We want to change the way education is organised, making it streamlined, centralised, efficient, and above all, simple.

MyStudyGenius is the brainchild of co-founder Benjamin Flum’s two passions: teaching and technology. Benjamin experienced firsthand the challenges of traditional school administration as an international business teacher – the time-consuming processes, fluctuating demands, disconnected tools, reams of paperwork and little overview of operations. With the dream of simplifying and automating the repetitive tasks that so often burden the management of schools, Benjamin teamed up with co-founder, Caroline Santos, a designer and user experience expert, to shape what is MyStudyGenius today: A simple, cost effective and flexible management tool to meet the demanding requirements of small to medium-sized private schools.
Based in the vibrant heart of Berlin, MyStudyGenius has already attracted attention from German press and the start-up community.
The tool has recently completed beta testing and is launching in summer 2019. Sign-up to the newsletter to receive MyStudyGenius updates.



Benjamin Flum

Benjamin Flum | co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Benjamin is an educator that became an edtech entrepreneur with a Ba. in Business Administration (Stenden University) and a MSc. in Management of IT (University of Greenwich). Born in the South of Germany, he has an extensive international background and has lived in the UK, Netherlands, Thailand, United States and finally in Brazil, where he worked as a Business English tutor.

Caroline Santos

co-founder and Chief Design Officer (CDO)
Caroline is a Brazilian UX designer with a Ba. in Design (University of São Paulo), currently doing an MSc. in Sustainable Development (University of Kiel). Her heart beats for creating projects with impact. Before moving to  Germany, Caroline founded in Brazil an initiative that taught IT to women and reached more than 20.000 girls interested in tech careers.
Digital or analogue, there’s plenty of ways to have a chat with us. You can reach the team at:
(+49) 176 476 350 64
Rheinsberger Str.76/77
c/o Factory Works GmbH
10115 Berlin Deutschland
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