Features to automate admin, save time and make better decisions

With MyStudyGenius you have everything you need to manage courses in private education, seminars and trainings. All from one smart solution, tailored specifically for small to medium-sized organizations.


Tools that ease your day-to-day business


Course Planner

Get prepared in seconds with MyStudyGenius course planner. Plan all the educational events of your institution without hassle, match students, classes and teachers and centralize all the relevant information with minimum effort.


Smart Calendar

In the smart calendar, you will see all the magic happening. Have an instant overview of everything happening at your institution daily, weekly and monthly. Filter events per tutor or per course and get a more detailed understanding.


Easy Contact Manager

The most productive way to organize your contacts. Centralise everything you need about your contacts in one place, including personal notes and the courses that each contact is taking part of. Working with private and corporate clients? No problem! MyStudyGenius has both profiles to help you organise better your contacts in the platform.


Data Protection

Your data is secure, hosted on European servers according to GDPR regulations. Our servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany, and all the information is encrypted. This means that everything you put in the platform is encoded and only you and your team have access to it. Also, MyStudyGenius makes available a series of insights to support you on how to operate according to the new regulations.




All your team working together. Problems with duplicate files and outdated versions? Leave this inconvenience in the past! With MyStudyGenius you are able to include all your team on the platform and enable collaborative and efficient teamwork.


Export spreadsheet files [coming soon]

You are the specialist in your work and should use the data as you wish.
Export excel or similar files from the platform and use the information in any other internal process of your company.

Work smarter, not harder!

Having your core information in the cloud will help you reach customers 24/7, save time, collaborate with your team and have an even better overview of your business:

Save time and costs with automation

MyStudyGenius is the easiest way to register students, allocate tutors and manage multiple schedules without overbookings. Using technology to automate management you will reduce paperwork costs and operate smarter.

Don't waste your time with simple mistakes

Repetitive tasks are the most prone to imprecisions. Avoid endless copy-and-paste across multiple files, outdated versions and duplicates, and enable for you and your team a much simpler way to admin daily activities.

Store your data in one secure place

Keep all your core information connected and centralized. MyStudyGenius use servers in Frankfurt, Germany, and complies with the GDPR regulations for the EU. Your information is encrypted and can be accessed only by you and your team.

Fast and modern management

Bureaucratic and time-consuming tasks are much simpler with MyStudyGenius. Use the platform to operate faster and improve your internal processes. Also, take advantage of the data generated in the system and keep your organisation under your control.

Bring up the best of your team

Let MyStudyGenius take care of the repetitive tasks and free your team to focus on what really matters: to provide the best service to your clients.

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